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Hello everyone! Its another Monday night as the week gets rolling. As always some Graveyard digs...

Tonight's Shift... 'BEST FRIENDS FOREVER'

Instead of going on about the coming BF4. I got thinking about the previous installments of the series. From BF1942, Vietnam, BF2, and the lesser known side installments such as BF:Heroes, and 1943. One particularly side adventure stands out or *not really...

BF: BAD COMPANY (June, 08).

Friendship is teamwork, firepower, gold, and bacon bread

There is no doubt that some of you did not get a chance to play the first installment. Since it was *only release for this current gen consoles. If so, think Kelly's Heroes, haven't seen it? Okay, here's a short run down by Marlowe...

Its not like I am go off into some stupid adventure you know? Looking for gold treasure or anything...*Sight* Not gonna be the hero or take on the Russian army on my own. ~ Marlowe Preston on dramatic irony


Then you are introduced to the best 'B' company has to offer; Sweetwater, Haggard, and Redford. BFF's

Sometime in the near future plot happens...

Not to much is given about why you are fighting or how it all got started. It just does apparently.


But besides the Frostbite engine that everyone drooled over. The core is the whole story, the squad, the humor, and shenanigans your little squad causes to find gold treasure, and so Haggard can finally get his trucksasurus. In all its kind of sad to see this side story(?) go away for a while. There is no real plans to pick up from BC2 left off, since focus is on BF4. Which no doubt will have a bland SP story...I will miss that, but maybe we'll see em again on the battlefield.

So what installment did you guys enjoy? If not, what other franchise of FPS is your fav? Or maybe you best teamwork matches? Don't play much FPS? No good on online matches? Well, then feel free to ignore all that posted and talk about how the week can't juts get over with, other games, and whatever your heart desires. SO TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!


Marlowe, Sweetwater, Haggard, and Redford...BFF

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, random explosions syndrome, no real teamwork, lack of nades, and an awful K/D ratio.

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