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So, is anybody there? Hello? Guys? Anyone? . . . Okies, no matter. I'll just make myself at home, grill myself a couple of burgers, and then I'll just . . . Continue being forever alone . . . Good thing I stocked up on ice cream last night! But yea, today's Thanksgiving's Day. I get that there's plenty of non-US TAYers out there, but still, it's pretty quiet on the TAY front, dont'cha think? So, if anyone else is out there, and has nothing major going on, feel free to come over to this GS and spend some jolly good times ^^

With that said, how is everyone doing tonight? Had a feast to remember yet? Is it the "good" type of memorable? Feeling lonesome and forgotten because everyone else has plans? Yea . . . I know that feel, hehe. I've been playing GTA for the past . . . Something hours. I, uhm, got into this really intense fight the other night, and ended up losing more dough than I'd like, so I've been trying to earn all that back. I intend on buying myself a Vapid Bullet with that, and then maybe upgrade some of my other stuff before finally retiring and living life to the fullest ^^ Oh, the irony.

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