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The Graveyard Shift: Unforgotten

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Jesus, what a weekend. Can't believe it's Thursday already :I Hell, yesterday, I woke up late, having thought it was Monday, and panicked since I didn't have some school shit done. *sigh*


Anyways, welcome to the GS, ladies and gents. I know it's up a tad early, but . . . I wanna try this out, see if it works~

So, ok. On the topic of weekends, it's really right around the corner. And know what's around the corner of that? Destiny~ Yepp, Destiny. Totes going to the midnight launch, and I really shouldn't be as hyped as I am about it. Honestly, though? I blame Halo. *sighs* I . . . Started going through the OSTs, and cutscenes, let's plays, and art . . Goddamn, that art. Just look at it, up there. Why is concept art so beautiful? And if there's ever a studio whose art really always got to me, it's Bungie.

SO, topic of tonight. Concept art. Post it. Share it. Love it. What are designs or art styles from games/anime/movies or whatever else that you loved? Why do you love it? Ever wish you could have more of it? How about making your own?

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