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The other day when Nach and I were talking about random things that we've done or haven't done in Smash brothers, we randomly started talking about the characters we were focusing on. When I brought up my favorite character to be terrible with, he brought to my attention something magical. Something magnificent. Something I knew that I would have to buy from the moment I saw it:

A Lucina figma.


I'll be the first to admit that I never really got figures. I was interested in them, and kind of thought that they were cool to look at, but I never really thought that it was something that I was ever going to buy into. They always seemed kind of expensive, and I wasn't sure what I would ever do with them once I got them, but… I totally lost it over that figure. It was just too cool and looked so detailed, even if it was kind of tiny.

I made an account on AmiAmi and pre-ordered it almost immediately. No regrets. Hopefully I'll remember that I did this whenever it gets time for them to ship out next year—I'm sure that there will be something horribly wrong with my billing information or something by then. Maybe I'll finally get deported and have to live at the bottom of the ocean again. At least they had better internet there.

But that's all part of aging, I guess, is to get into new experiences. Even if those experiences weren't the ones that you thought that you were ever going to get into.

So, keeping this as gaming related or non-gaming related as you want, what is something that you've done recently that you never thought you would do? Did you change over to another brand of console? Did you buy a Mac? Did you go skydiving, or start riding a motorcycle? Maybe you started liking Guinness instead of all of those inferior drinks? Talk about it down below!


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