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Tonight shift’s... Good Times, good times....

Hey you sexy hairy beasts of TAY! Labor day is coming to an end in a couple of hours, and gee wee, I hope you celebrated the labor movements struggle for certain working rights enrichment to the country by working that 8-10 hr shift like champ.

If not, I do hope you saved some hot weenies ( ´・ω・`)

Either way, I coming down with some sort of cold or T-virus who knows.

So summer is coming to an end (Sept 22.) some show are making the hiatus comeback short or not. While other TV host are making the triumphant, and glorious return. But I am sure you as well made some sweet, sweet, bitter sweet memories summer memories.


So as it comes to a close...

  • Did you have a swell summer this year? Had fun withe family(pic related)? Made some sweet bitter memories?
  • If not what games will mark this summer as the ‘Summer I meh’d’?
  • Or general stuff, like what made this day bite, and vent out or not.

But whatever you do decided to do, as always feel free to talk about life, games, shot to the head, cups, food, and whatever your hair but yet beastly sexy hearts desires.



Yeah, this feels image appropriate song...

“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for not getting schwifty”