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Some Graveyard digs...

Tonight's Shift...Call In Sick?

Ah yeah that top image can be misleading >_>, but would totally call in sick on that suicide mission. Seriously I don't care if its has only one weakness, that being a heavily defended a/c exhaust vent. Let the new guy/ hotshot have a go if he thinks it so easy....


Well anyways lest move on, since come midnight there are going to be a few folks out on the streets. Huddling near their local video game store, munching on Doritos, and hydrating on Dew. Not many (I think), but probably enough to make a it a double date...Well these are the hardcore(?). But most likely, calling sick would be the alternative for those that still want to play, but just not after work or class. Especially with GTA V coming out in a mere hours.

So have any of you shamefully, but gloriously called in sick whether it be work or class (higher learning peps, because kids won't get away with it) just to play a game on it release? No? As in "I actually called in that day off ahead of the release date, like a responsible person" - Anonymous. Well whatever your choice, feel free to ignore my rambling, and talk about whatever your want!


Edit: Ah forgot to add; never called in sick or anything. When actually had to inform my absense, it was to get an operation(appendix removal) >_>, and for some reason one professor though it was bullshit. =/


Kotaku covered this a while back.....I think.

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, blood loss, vertigo, dry mouth, and Grand Theft Auto!

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