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The Graveyard Shift *Vanilla Travel Edition - Sight Seeing

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Tonight's Shift... Sight Seeing

So back from a fun weekend ^^ Went to a Festival with Pokemon Snach for some cultural sight seeing. Hope everyone had a chance to do something fun as well.


But just got thinking on other places that would be interesting to visit. Not local areas, I mean going to another country. Experiencing a whole different 'flow' of living, and take in the sights. Traveling has not been much of a possibility yet... But on the list are going back to S. America to see the Andes and old cities, Poland, and of course make a swing to Japan. Because why not? ^^;

So fellow TAYers, are there any particular places you wish to travel to, if the opportunity shows itself? No? You rather bring the sight to you like some sort of Super villain governor? Okay. But What ever it may be feel free to share about your games sight seeing or life blues. So TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

The Graveyard is not responsible for your lupus!


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