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Tonight's Shift's... East Meets West

Hello Taytans! Welcome back to a cold monday night at the graveyard. Were you can lay those chilly bones of yours to rest.... what's that? You ain't dead? Oh well in that case let get started.


There is nothing better than handing out cans of wup ass now and then, and what better way than with some favorite of our characters. Especially if its with Magneto, War Machine, and Dr.Doom. Mah home boys in Marvel VS Capcom 2. And nope, I haven't gone near the third game, the second one is all I could handle =P

But it has always been an interesting mix of characters, different gaming scenes, and nerddium. Older brother would always be picking Ryu, and some other bunch from Capcom against the Marvel crew I would pick.

  • So fellow TAYjams, without much delay. What is your dream team? Who would you choose to go about opening cans of wup ass? Doesn't have to be limited by this roster or game. The Master Chief did duke it out in Soul Calibur, and so did Dark Vader as well.

But anyways feel free to ignore it all. and talk about life, games, cans, ass, wup, and all that your heart desires. So .... TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!



"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for curly mustache!"

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