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Hello hello my fellow TAYers! Nach here covering for Mr. Kluge, Since I didn't have anything in mind for today our topic will be food related, cause food talk is easy... and yummy ^^; but first let's check our MoonDay round up!

Oh hello there my fellow PoTAYtoes! How's everyone doing on this lovely 2nd day of the week (or third depending on how your calendar works), so... I was talking with TUT earlier about regrets, like you know paying more money for something only to realize it was not worth it... but before I continue with today's topic let's check what TAY brought us on this jolly day!

TuesTAY Round Up!

It was a slow day at TAY...


So... today's topic video game regrets, I remember on my days before I was a clever boy I used to spend a lot of money on bad video games, cause that's what you would do, right? If the box looked cool you would buy it! Like the Jurassic Park game for SNES! or almost every sport video game! One of my biggest regret was buying Yoshi's Story for the N64... I paid 60$ while vacationing in Aruba for that game and oh boy... when I booted it up!

Why Kazumi Totaka?! WHY did you make those Yoshi squeals?! It was a sign... I should have returned the game immediately! That game was not Yoshi's Island! Where's baby Mario? Why do I have to eat fruit, why does Yoshi look so small? I asked so many questions back in the day and never got any answers...


Years later I learned to love the game for what it was... and it taught me a great lesson, to treat each game like if it was a standalone title, comparisons will always come, but I always try not to compare (pine)apples and oranges you know... cause I still love both of them for what they are ^^;

So what's your biggest video game regret? Did you manage to get over it?

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