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The Graveyard Shift: Waluigi Time!

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At 9PM EDT, that means right now, Nintendo and Dena will talk about their plans for the mobile platforms. We all know it’s going to be the long awaited Waluigi adventure title, the time is now! Listen to me Nintendo, if you want to hit it big on the mobile market, you need to give the “Bad Luigi” his time to shine!


Furthermore, Kimishima himself confirmed that Nintendo Direct is going to return in the near future. There are also rumors of new amiibos coming in the future to accompany the launch of Mario Power Tennis, and you know who’s featured in that title? Yes, Waluigi! I can’t wait to see Kimishima do his best impression of Waluigi, in the same vein of how Iwata used to don the Luigi hat.

It’s a great time to be a Nintendo fool like me... (Specially if you put aside all the issues the company has had in the last generation or so). Cause seriously... Waluigi will save the ship from sinking!

Oh also a bunch of great games are coming in the next few weeks, amongst them Fallout 4, can’t wait to spend 100+ hours in a new wasteland!

So yeah... it’s that type of GS, let’s talk about hype!

Tonight’s jam is... well I haven’t thought of any song for the GS.

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