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The Graveyard Shift *WATER Edition - That stuff will kill you!

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Tonight's Shift .... Water, water, every where, and it will kill you

It sure can... huh? Oh!

Hey everyone, and welcome back to another Monday night at the graveyard! I hope the weekend was at least a tolerable one, if not, here have some wate- wait...


Yeah water, it can really kill you or rather your character. Yes a bit of game design discussion(not really), as its one level designs where water is the obstacle to your goal and doom. The same as the timeless o'l game The Floor is Lava ( invented sometime around 74 C.E). Only without chance of head injury. So I was thinking how it is still used, and whether it still makes sense. Since I found learning this the hard way in the open world of Red Dead Redemption. Everything water touches dies, and no way around it. Yet I could wear 100 pounds (or 45 Kl) of armor in..lest say Skyrim, and float :/

So basically the topic is about stuff silly or not that kills you in games that may not make sense as much as exploding barrels being hurled at you or puppies. But waterever it is you decide, feel free to talk about life and games, and totally ignore my rambling. So TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Maybe talk about water levels and music? :I

"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for your thirst for orphan blood!"

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