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The Graveyard Shift - What’s This? A Wholesome Family Shift Woefully Underpopulated by Bees?

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I took a few minutes to step out onto the back porch today, TAY, and I have to say that whoever was running around saying that all the bees were dying is incredibly misinformed. I was outside for maybe ten minutes with my favorite lounging companion (Ein), but I must have seen at least three or four bumblebees flapping around and minding their own beeswax while I was out there. While I’m not particularly fond of bugs of any description, especially after my brown recluse bite, for some reason bees have never bothered me. Wasps do, but bees don’t, which I’m not really sure I could rationalize even if I wanted to.


I suppose I could’ve just been too tired to care about bees. I picked up my textbooks today and then spent an abnormally long time at the gym immediately after, not so much because I wanted to work out a lot, but because it was a gym I wasn’t very familiar with. They had a lot of equipment that’s really nice and everything (the bee’s knees, if you will), but the way it’s all set up is infuriating. Everything comes with its own screen for TV and whatever, which is cool, but they don’t include one of those little ledges for you to put your own stuff on. I kind of wanted to get caught up on my shows while I jogged, not... watch Family Feud for an hour, you know?

And on the off chance you missed it, here’s what all the buzz is about today. I thought I would make absolutely sure everyone was aware of it so nobody would get stung by it later. More importantly, this time it comes with an obligatory:

Actually, I lied. I think there’s significantly more attention being given to Fallout Shelter coming to Android tonight. It’s pretty much the queen bee of postapocalyptic nuclear shelter simulation games right now, so if you have an Android device handy and you haven’t already given it a shot, I would strongly urge you to go do so once it’s available in a few hours.

If you can’t tell, the topic tonight is really crappy bee puns open. So feel free to talk about bees life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Wednesday Graveyard Shift is now open!

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