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About half-way through October, I realized that I wasn't doing that great of a job getting into the "Halloween Spirit" like I usually do - certainly not as good as some of you seem to be able to. I watched a few scary movies and dabbled in some of the Halloween events that were going on in some of my favorite games, but I never really did anything major. Those games that I talked about that I associated with Fall/Halloween? Never touched them. Seriously, Costume Quest and Brutal Legends went untouched this year.

What did I do instead? I picked up Resident Evil - and trust me, I played a lot of Resident Evil this year. I even bought Resident Evil: Revelations for the PC whenever it was on a Steam sale. Not only that, but I saw that there was a sale on Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, and since it contained all the DLC that I never got to play, I picked it up.

Needless to say, TAY's own Resident Evil fanboy wanted in on the action, and we've been doing some co-op on it sporadically for the last ... month or so. Since he's pretty familiar with it, we decided to go with Veteran for the majority of the game. We've gotten decently far, but whenever I unlock any of the DLC, I instantly drop the game mid-chapter and switch over to the DLC since that was the part that I never got to play.


For those of you that don't know, the first piece of DLC in Resident Evil 5 was Lost in Nightmares. This takes place just before the game, and is referred to throughout the game in Chris's flashbacks and with various pictures that he and Sheva come across, usually depicting Jill being Jill. But it is revealed through one of the flashbacks fairly early in the game that Chris lost Jill there when they were fighting Wesker. So, of course, the final boss fight in the DLC is Wesker.


This was the first DLC we tried to beat, and we kept up our tradition of playing on Veteran.


At the very end of the DLC, you lose all of your weapons and items, which mysteriously reappear right before the final boss. We loaded into the boss area, passed this room that our weapons and items respawned in, and TUT picked up his weapons and items. He then ran off and immediately started the boss fight - just as I'm inches away from picking up my gun. The cutscene starts, I watch Wesker be a condescending patoot, and when I look around for my gun I realize that it's not there. I went to the door that led out to the hallway and tried to open it, but it was locked. The final boss fight was started ... and I didn't have my gun.

We died. We died a lot. I never respawned with my gun; all I got were three flash grenades. Eventually, I realized that if I made sure that TUT was closer to him than I was, he largely ignored me. When he went into a combat animation, I could run up and knife him once or twice before running away again. I wasn't very good at it, though, and at the end of our final attempt, I had failed my dodges and let Wesker hit me a few times. I was on my last legs. TUT had already used his healing items, and mine were still in the hallway, presumably playing a nice game of cards with my gun and ammo. I was already feeling defeated, juggling Wesker with melee prompts with TUT and wondering if it was even possible, but suddenly the screen changed to a cutscene, and I knew we won.


I beat Wesker on Veteran - and I only used my knife.

So, what about you all? Are there any gaming triumphs that you've obtained lately that you're particularly proud of? Or is there anything in life that you did recently that you'd like to brag about?


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