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I've been told that I start all my posts on here with "So, how's everyone doing tonight?" and that it's apparently getting old, so today's post is all about variety and being different. It's for that very same reason that I didn't go along with the same holiday-themed posting trend that everyone seems to be going along with, and went with Where's Waldo . . . Or "Where's Wally?" as you people outside 'Murica know it by. So, you guys know what to do, right? Go and take advantage of our annotation abilities, and go find Waldo, Odlaw, and that bastard wizard that always gave me a hard time. And, if you're not up for that, we can always talk about odd words and names . . . Like Wally. Because, come on, Wally is totally a funny-sounding name. Same with Walter. I always associate that name with birds, and for good reason . . . But seriously, there's tons of words that are just downright odd-sounding. So, let's take the time to make fun of all those, foreign or native. So, let the games begin!

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