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I managed to finish up my shopping today. I picked up the very last of my presents, got some food for the pets while I'm gone, and almost remembered to grab ingredients to make banana bread this Saturday. Almost. Sadly, I still somehow forgot.

Around Christmas, I almost always make everyone in the family who feels like participating help in baking something. Usually it's pumpkin bread or some kind of pie, but this year, we were supposed to do banana bread (what, you've never heard of Christmas Banana Bread before?). In my defense, I'm not used to having to remember it in these circumstances. For one, I usually don't get things started this late, since this will be the weekend I'm going out of town. Secondly, I opt for dishes that I have most of the ingredients for already. When it comes to banana bread I just have ... well, bananas.

Honestly, I could go back, but the problem is that I live about thirty minutes away from the grocery store - which isn't terrible, I've seen some people who've lived further away, but it still makes going into town more of a hassle than it would be otherwise. In the end, I guess it's fine, since I wouldn't want pet food to sit in the car too long, anyways, but still I kind of wish I did it all in one trip.

To make up for it, I'm going to go ahead and pick it all up Saturday morning. That makes sure everything's still fresh, anyways, and I can hopefully buy just the right amount so that I don't have any leftovers when I go out of town next week.


The point is: banana bread for Christmas. Don't bring any of that other bread in here.

What about you, TAY? Are there any special holiday meals or treats that you usually make? Are there any you just love to have? I do love egg nog...


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