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The Graveyard Shift: You shouldn't have done that...

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Hey-O! People from TAY or as I like to call you TAYterinnes and TAYterettes, how's everyone doing? How are the Halloween preparations coming? I already bought the fig cookies and the dried raisins for the youth who'll knock on my door this coming Thursday, maybe I'll throw some spicy lollipops I bought on my trip to Mexico.

Before we move on to our topic, let's check our TuesTAY Round Up:

Moving on to our topic for the night...

I was trying to come up with a horror story for tonight's shift, but between having a super busy schedule these last few days and not being able to come up with an actual creepy story (they were pretty lame, or too obscure) I decided to not waste my time and yours... instead I'll touch the theme of CreepyPastas, specially the video game related ones, one of my favorites was the Majora's Mask Ben Drowned, back when it was first published it seemed so unreal... it was a pretty cool story...

If you're not familiar with the topic you could talk about your favorite Halloween TV special, like Community's Epidemiology episode,

or of course... The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror series (sorry for the Spanish audio...)

So that's about it! pick a topic to talk about, or both of them, or maybe none and just talk about anything else cause this is the Graveyard Shift ^.^


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