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Howdy TAY-folk!

My fantasy football is turning out just fiiiiiiiiiine for me. I’m going to the Super Bowl! I’m against one of the previous winners (I’ve never had the trophy, so it’s my time to shine).


In other news... I’m trying to get my wife to watch Star Wars (the whole shebang... minus Episode I), so I’ve been looking for the best ways to watch it. I’ve come across something called Harmy’s Despecialized Edition. There’s actually a whole Lifehacker article about it!

My first time watching the films was the 1997 rerelease of the trilogy, so I’d never even seen it before the “tinkering”.

My questions are: Star Wars fan? When was the first time you watched an entry in the series? Which film was your first?

In the meantime, I’m streaming with a friend (hoping more swing by soon) and playing Heroes of the Storm:

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