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Tonight's Shift... Customs stuff!

Hey Tay peeps! And welcome back to the weekday grind ^^;

Tonight I'll get straight to the point; customization! Of course we had many discussion about it, be about creating an avatar of our very likeness or prefer to do some role play. Either way, a lot of thought goes into your very own avatar once you get into it. And I bet some of you did so over the weekend. So with a fresh experience...

How long would you say it takes to doll your avi up? Is it all aesthetics and more about creating a story afterwards? Or do you go for a particular look that has a story to tell? Or maybe you just want to share how you're doing....that fine. Rant, share, converse, and gloat away in the comments below.

It's another Monday night so... TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Creating the perfect machine.... hmmmm <3

"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for...Yare Yare Daze"