Now that Halloween is over we can focus on the next be holiday - Thanksgiving Christmas!

I'm kidding. I love you, Thanksgiving. And I love you most of all, green bean casserole. Like it or not Christmas and the cold cold dead of winter is less than two months away. The question is simple - what do you have your eye on? What are you going to pass by in hopes that jolly old Saint Nick will shove it down your soot hole?


Zarnyx and I have been prepping for the 3rd (though more like 2nd) annual TAY Secret Santa Throw Down, so you better get to thinking.

Here's what I'm after.

Oh baby! Even Brock would open his eyes to peep one of these solid Pewter City Gym sweatshirts from Fangamer. Yowza. Me like.


Seeing as Smash Bros for Wii U will be out in 20 days (!!!) I'm going to need some brand new GameCube controllers. No one is quite sure if this plugs into a Wiimote or a GameCube port, but I know I need it in my hands. Because having 10 GameCube controllers isn't enough...


Because I'm actually 8 and who doesn't want a sweet ice chainsaw?

So what's on your radar for this holiday season? Post below and maybe you'll find something new you "need".