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Welcome to the Great TAY Game Music Playlist! It took a week, but here are what your resident TAYter Tots consider to be some of the best and noteworthy songs in gaming.


Is this an all inclusive list? No. Is it the BEST list? Nope! But it our list. Made by TAY and for TAY (and all the good and bad associated with that).

Also, see that v1.0? Yeah, this will come back around and get updated randomly as new people come in and out. So if you didn’t get in this time, don’t fret, you’ll have a chance later on.

Update: For those of you in need of background music, Battleborn has curated a Youtube Playlist for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

P.S. Also, if someone could come up with some great header image, that would be lovely.

Game: Journey
Song: Apotheosis
Submitter: E1 Salvador
Reason for Inclusion: I still can’t explain it to you, but when this song plays during the final stage I started crying. Either you get it or you don’t, either way the song is still great on it’s own.

Game: Transistor
Song: In Circles - Distorted Version
Get it Here: Supergiant Games
Submitter: Novibear
Reason for Inclusion: Because I won’t saaaaaave youuuuuuu.

Game: Katamari Damacy
Song: Lonely Rolling Star
Submitter: Spa Cigar (Spacegar)
Reason for Inclusion: Tremendously catchy song. The game is tough in some ways, but the catchy music makes it easy to jump right back in. There now everyone can choose what they want in peace. I took the Katamari bullet.

Game: Red Dead Redemption
Song: Deadman’s Gun
Submitter: Ishamael
Reason for Inclusion: Also my pick for this little thing is Dead Mans Gun from Red Dead Redemption. It was a toss up out of a few other songs but Dead Man’s Gun being a fitting ending to a great game and beautiful in it’s own right made me pick it. When it played I remember just smiling and thinking back “this how to make a game”. Emotionally exploitative, HELL YA it was but damn it worked.

Game: Halo 2
Song: Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix
Submitter: DisturbedShadow
Reason for Inclusion: Because it’s fucking awesome and it has Steve Vai.

Game: Street Fighter II
Song: Guile’s Theme
Submitter: AlmightyDuke
Reason for Inclusion: It goes with everything, there’s no denying that.

Game: Bastion
Song: Setting Sail, Coming Home (Ending Theme)
Get it Here: Supergiant Games
Submitter: Danwen (And a super late Furby)
Reason for Inclusion: Bastion has one of the most incredible soundtracks ever made and supergiant games brought a new standard for indie games music. There’s many to choose from so I’m going to choose the ending theme as it’s my personal favourite. Nothing elevated a sense of joy when the credits roll as you listen to those sweet, sentimental tunes.

Game: Double Dragon Neon
Song: End Credits (Dared to Dream)
Get it Here: Bandcamp
Submitter: Nanttene
Reason for Inclusion: Double Dragon Neon was an easily overlooked budget title with a lot of heart put into it; rather than try and update the formula, they elected to double-down and go full 80’s, soundtrack included, and the result is incredible; definitely give it a look on XBL or PSN, it’s good stuff.

Game: Mega Man II
Song: Dr. Wily Stage 1/2
Submitter: spikespeigel
Reason for Inclusion: What? How am I the first one to post this? This can’t be right. Unless I’m the only one here old enough to remember this jamming tune? I mean, Wily castle stage runs never felt the same after this moment. A truly seminal moment in gaming, if I do say so myself.

Game: Sonic Adventure
Song: Open Your Heart (but it has to be the opening FMV mix from the game)
Submitter: Datacide
Reason for Inclusion: Because Crush 40 and Jun Senoue are awesome and made Sonic cooler than just the gameplay. This song ushered in a whole new generation of gaming in a big way.

Game: Ace Combat 5
Song: Briefing 2
Submitter: Dexomega
Reason for Inclusion: Briefing 2 is one of the finest briefing tracks in the history of mankind. In the context of the game, the track reinforces the story shift that happens mid-game from a straightforward war game to something far deeper and thematically rich. Out-of-context, the track is still epic with an excellent use of both orchestral and rock elements that demonstrate some of the best that Ace Combat has to offer.


P.S. Restricting me to one Ace Combat track is just mean.

Game: Valkyria Chronicles
Song: Desperate Fight
Submitter: Exile
Reason for Inclusion:Game: All the Valkyria Chronicles games have good music IMO, but I still come back to this one. It has the refrain of the Main Theme, but mixed into something much more pacey and aggressive. And this might be particular to me, but even though it’s called Desperate Fight to my mind it has a triumphant feel to it that really fits utterly stomping the enemies you face as it plays over your advancing troops.

Game: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
Song: Memories of you
Submitter: The Messiah
Reason for Inclusion: The end theme of Persona 3, Memories of You, is a hauntingly beautiful track that nicely accompanies the sad and heart touching final act of the game.

Game: ActRaiser
Song: Peaceful World
Submitter: Jeff Seely
Reason for Inclusion: I’m going with a track from the game that gave us beautiful music back before beautiful music in games was really a thing in the video game industry: ActRaiser.


Here is Peaceful World (the game’s ending theme). The original version of this track has such a soft and warm melody, and it’s a wonderful way to end a great game.

Game: Yoshi’s Island
Song: Athletic
Submitter: astronaughte
Reason for Inclusion: Few things bring a smile to my face like watching this guy play ragtime video game music he’s never heard before.

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Song: Hyrule Field on Horse (Reorchestrated)
Submitter: Pita64
Reason for Inclusion: Epic song.

Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Song: 10 PM (Extended)
Submitter: Swansie
Reason for Inclusion: My nomination is an every day song from New Leaf that plays at 10 p.m. There are others but TAY really got active at night where we’d go shark fishing and bug hunting along with trips to the island for fun times. (Full comment here)

Game: Mother 3
Song: Leder’s Gymnopedie
Submitter: Nach
Reason for Inclusion: What Mother 3 had over it’s prequel is that the game was more story centric, there were moments where the characters would talk A LOT. This one is one of them, but it’s when most of the mysteries about the game are revealed. Mother 3 may not be as beloved as Earthbound but the game was more mature (keeping the quirky nature) and delivered a stronger message. (Full comment here)

Game: Final Fantasy IX
Song: You’re Not Alone!
Submitter: Zarnyx
Reason for Inclusion: Because in terms of JRPGs, this song is one of the most uplifting. Main character Zidane tries to take on the world by himself, dragging his sorry self along when his friends come in one by one and help him. They are his strength and assure him he’s not alone in this fight. It’s some awesome support.


Sounds kinda like how TAY’s spirit is, don’t you think? (Full comment here)

Game: The Last of Us
Song: The Path (A New Beginning)
Submitter: twizm
Reason for Inclusion: This is the last song you hear in the game as your emotional journey ends and the credits begin. I could’ve gone with the main theme but surely you’ve heard that enough. Deep cuts y’all!

Game: Super Mario Galaxy
Song: Gusty Garden Galaxy
Submitter: BattleBorn™ (aka YeezyBorn)
Reason for Inclusion: Not only is this the best song in Super Mario Galaxy, I strongly believe this is one of the greatest, if not the best piece of music in video games. This piece is video games in musical form. It just feels like it should be played when anyone goes on an adventure. When I listen to it I feel as though anything is possible. It makes me want to head out into this world and explore it. It’s just magnificent.

Game: Streets of Rage 2
Song: Stage 1-1 (Go Straight)
Submitter: Kcet
Reason for Inclusion: This is the song that plays in the first stage and it sets the tone for the audio bliss that follows the rest of the game. As usual Yuzo Koshiro pushed the boundaries of the Genesis to create music that made people wonder how it was even possible. It may be simple compared to some of the other tracks in the game, but its infectious, and you will be humming it when you stop playing the game.


v1.0 - 6/7/15
v1.11 - 6/9/15 Switched M4 Part II for Memories of you cause M4 was licensed. Added Youtube Playlist link.

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