July it is!

I've had some complaints and grumblings. I want to address them now!

1. Rushing it

Yes. I am. I know myself and my planning skills. If I don't stay on top of this, it will never happen by my hand. I firmly believe that if we can pull it off even horribly the first time, that these can become annual or semi-annual events as we gain skills required to coordinate semi large groups traveling to a location.

It's not ideal. I will concede that. But let's just do it.

2. Price

DO NOT WORRY ABOUT PRICE RIGHT NOW. Please. There are a number of tips/tricks/ideas I have for getting us the best possible rates on everything and I don't think it'll be nearly so expensive as you'd think. Will it cost money? Yes. But for right now just plan on going if you can fit it into your schedule.


3. Attendence

I get that this meetup will not be a majority of TAY members. I really doubt that it's possible to arrange a meetup where over 25% of people would be able to come at any time. I'd really really love if we could get EVERYONE together at the same time but it's just not feasible.


So if anyone wants to take up the mantle of "HEAD OF MEETUP" they're welcome to, but if not I'm just going full steam ahead here. Let's get it done!

To minimize cost and make sure the max people can attend I say we shoot for a weekend 2-3 days with optional sandwich days to make it 4-5 days if desired. We can plan some general activities on the 2-3 days and the sandwich days are just for "do whatever you want" sort of thing.


So. Weekend. Weekend, weekend who has the weekend.


Please only vote if you have an interest in attending still. We're getting to the point where I'm gonna need a headcount.