I'm really feeling it!

The Great TAY Meetup!! ****UPDATED****

We will be traveling to New York City over the weekend of July 19th. Maybe.

We'll all stay at Zarnyx's house/apartment/adobe hut. OK. Not really.

All right Kinja is being an ass today, so if this whole post shows up in Header 2 font, I apologize.


So now we begin the actual fun part. By fun, I mean, THE PART I WAS BORN TO PLAY! Calling up hotels, asking for multi room discounts, determining the best value vs. distance equation, carpooling, figuring out what's what.

So, first and foremost - who is for SURE coming?

Who is interested in coming but not 100% sure yet, but it looks like so far it is still an option?

We can figure out flight info/carpooling better if we know where you all are from so I ask (so I can make one of my infamous excel sheets!) that you

put your name and hometown or nearest largest city if you're uncomfortable putting your town on the web on this here sheet or in the comments.


Drive or Fly? - Figure out which is cheaper!

UPDATED: Would a different week in July work better for you? Alternatively, if changing the weekend meant more people would come, would that ruin it for you? Now that things have gotten REAL! Just humor me and vote again - taking into account that you won't ruin my birthday if a different weekend works better for you.


Please only vote once.

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