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The Great TAY Meetup! Furby Spam post 1 of 2

To Reiterate, after the votes were in from last week, it seems we're going on the 19th after all. Again, I apologize if this precludes you from coming. We will do more meetups I promise!

And also I've always got that futon in the basement if someone wants to come visit or is in the area!


Buuuut as it stands, now we need helpers to figure out the cheapest way to get everyone to NYC and how to stay there. Resident NYC'ers! Lend me your skills!

Official dates: July 18, 19, 20

As in these dates I'd like to PLAN something with everyone. If you wanna link up with one or two people and stay more time, that's obviously fine as well. You can stay as long as you want. The dates above are just days I'd like to plan on us doing stuff as a group. July 18th I'd imagine we'd get in in the evening so maybe just out for dinner/mass suicides.


Cheapest ones for that weekend

Who is rooming with who? Anyone? Singles all around?

Multi room discounts?


Fly vs. Drive

Who knows the secret ways to get discounted tickets?

Don't forget to sign up if you plan on going so we know how many to say we have.


Hack Kayak for cheaper flights - courtesy of Kaploy

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