I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled THE GREAT TAY MEETUP! ***UPDATE*** MOVING FAST SANIC!

Step 1. Gauge interest (Check)

Step 2. Write a post on TAY asking for help (Check)

Step 3. Select Destination (NYC)

Step 4. Select Time

Step 5. Begin finding hotels - selection

Step 6. Begin planning events

Step 7. Email list - keep everyone up to date/ideas for what to bring/how to get there/plans/etc.


Step 8. Laugh as everyone meets up and you nuke the location from orbit.

So what's up guys. Let's do this. Let's ACTUALLY meet. Maybe. I'm sure I'll chicken out at the last step. But I'll at the very least help to organize. So who wants to be on the Great TAY meetup committee? I just need like 2-3 people to help with the later parts of finding hotels helping connect people for rides or whatever and helping keep the meetup in mind by posting reminders every once in awhile.



Quiddity and Damson have agreed to help out when I need it so now I've got an inner circle that can help me plan the best way to poison you all in your slee......I mean.


NEXT UP: Where we going? Seems like NYC is overwhelmingly the place to go.

So when, is the next question. WHEN?! This Summer is my first condition.

June? July? August? September?

How long? Weekend? Week?

The purpose of this post is to get an idea of a time frame?

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