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The Great TAY Pumpkin Carve-Off, 2016!

Welcome TAY friends, and to you, that thing standing behind everyone’s chairs! It’s time for our 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving viewing spooktacular. It’s not so spooky, though. Well... there is that one pumpkin.

This year, the entries were light lit (woo! Halloween joke! No...? Okay...moving on). Perhaps you’ve all repented and seen the error of your ways: carving defenseless pumpkins and pulling out their guts is a vegetable hate crime.



These seven people, however, are seasonal murderers. Take note.


Hiccup and Toothless are an adorable duo in this layered carving. Hiccup is the best dragon. Fact.

GiantBoyDetective & Mrs. Detective

Present to you... “The Pumpkin Who Lived” In theatres sometime Halloween 20xx. Followed by a sequel, The Skeleton Who Lurked.



Squids aren’t kids. They wrap around pumpkins and give them death by squeezing. Remember that next time you Splatoon.



In the interest of fairness, I list these entries alphabetically. But I feel sad my pumpkin will follow this one as Keirez just put me to shame. Big time. The gorgeous Totoro collection speaks for itself.

Submitted by Keirez in 2016
Photo: Keirez


There’s no Dragon Quest without a slime. It’s not a metal slime. It’s not even a she-slime at this point, but it’s...something.


Dead Echo (Special Mention)

Now, a moment of silence for Dead Echo’s Rick and Morty pumpkin that did not survive the hot weather, or long enough to take a picture.


As always, thanks to everyone who submitted this year! If you have entries to share in the comments, please feel free to do so.


Happy Halloween, TAY! Have a safe one, whatever it is you’re doing tonight.

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