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The Great TAY Pumpkin Carve-Off 2017

Creepy Crawlies! Welcome to a spooky Halloween night, and our annual Pumpkin Carve-Off. While you’re enjoying some candy and grading children’s costumes, take a moment to see how some of your fellow TAY’ers carved up some fright on unwitting pumpkin participants.

Aikage kicked things off from Bloodborne, which has the best video game world he claims. Bold claim, indeed.


P. gave us this Kitty Cat Jack O’Lantern. Meow! Not to be confused with Mews.

Kidechka doesn’t want us to go alone. She’s the true Hero of Legend.


GiantBoyDetective and Mrs. Detective. I don’t know who is who but I’m guessing the donky one is GBD in Pumpkin form. Just a thought.


Unfortunately, the warm weather destroyed Geek Empress’ pumpkin before it could be completely carved. But say hello to the beginnings of a beautiful Kingdom Hearts’ Halloween Town tribute featuring Oogie Boogie


Halfwit Hero and Mrs. Hero brought a thing beyond the wall to us, along with the King of Halloween Town. Super scary but also super cool!


This year, I (Narelle “Zarnyx”) failed. Time got away from me, and the weather was too hot for carving up pumpkins to rot on the porch. So instead I’ll give you some photography. Of a pumpkin. BUILT IT MYSELF. ...cough.. Honest!!...? Okay, turns put I can’t even do that...


Thanks to everyone who submitted! Always wonderful seeing our handiwork. If you have pics to share of costumes, jack o’ lanters, or Halloween spooks, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Have a safe Halloween, Everyone!

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