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The Great TAY Pumpkin Carve-Off, 2018!

Have a Halloween mess, and a built LEGO Pumpkin courtesy of Swan.

Greetings little ghouls of TAY. Welcome back to our annual Jack o’ Lantern showcase. It’s the time of year where we carve helpless fruit into twisted art.

Thanks to everyone who submitted this year! Apologies are in order: life got in the way and I didn’t carve one of my own. =( But I am convinced that the amateur pumpkin I had planned would have only brought shame to my name, given the high quality of this year’s entries. I would only have brought the room down!


Without further ado, here are your 2018 (and then some) Jack O’ Lantern submissions:

From reader orlandoconde and his wife, these gorgeous pumpkins from various years (Scope the details and handiwork in all of these!!):

Fellow TAY’er Evan Chambers complained about something or the other about his over a chat what? I don’t know. His carving is charming:


Our own GiantBoyDetective and his wife were real deal serious with their words (and pumpkins) this year:


And that’s it! Another year, another Halloween. Have a super duper safe one, TAY. Be sure to eat way too much candy and don’t give out any raisins. Until next time!

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