Ghouls! Ghosts! Goblins! Griffins! Goats! And to all of TAY! WELCOME! Welcome to "The Great TAY Pumpkin Carve Off" Viewing of 2013!

Happy Halloween, TAY! You all may be out now gathering up that candy (and hopefully not stealing it from babies). I hope you're being friendly by treating and not tricking. Though knowing the troubles that some of you Chero like to get into, then I suspect there may be plenty of tricking going on.

What's no trick though are these beautiful and amazing pumpkins that were submitted for the TAY's Carve Off! Thank you to everyone!

Better Behave, TAY. The best Furby around,** Aikage called The Batman! **


A piercing-eyed **Majora's Mask by our wonderful AstroK. **

The Wannabe Overlord of Hyrule**, Ganondorf in Wind Waker stylin's by our very own Overlord of TAY, GiantBoyDetective**


KillianRheu swoops down on our heads with this fantastic Yveltal from Pokemon Y.


SeanPat12's girlfriend and her younger sister carved us this fierce looking pumpkin of that loveable mutant turtle in Bowser.

Swansie threw caution to the wind and mumbled something about not dealing in no pumpkin guts because "ain't no body got time for that" and gave us this Lego Pumpkin instead.


Once more, thank you so much to everyone for the submissions. It was fantastic work by all! You guys are all amazing.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween, TAY!

And please, no Smashing Pumpkins.