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I'm really feeling it!
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The Great VC Manga Sale

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Ok, so I mentioned earlier today that I had a large collection of anime and manga that I’d like to get off my hands. Who’d have thought babies were so expensive? So, a couple people had expressed interest in my collection. I did a quick and dirty look over what I’ve got and here’s the list for those of you interested.



Abenoboshi Magical Shopping Arcade - 2 volumes

Azumanga Daioh - 4 volumes (volumes 3 and 4 claimed by Fridayfriday) (volumes 1 and 2 claimed by RobGronkowski’sPartyBusDriver)


Because I’m the Goddes - 3 volumes

Bleach - 15 volumes

Bobobo-bobo-bobo - 1 volume (this was a test release before they actually started releasing numbered volumes)


Chrono Crusade - 8 volumes (called by Omar)

Crescent Moon - 5 volumes

Death Note - 9 volumes

D.Gray-man - 13 volumes

Disgaea - 3 volumes (these are Disgaea 1 and 2)

Excel Saga - 19 volumes

Fairy Tail - 7 volumes

Full Metal Alchemist - 19 volumes

Genshiken - 9 volumes

Gintama - 13 volumes (called by Messiah)

Gurren Laggan - 1 volume

.hack//twilight - 3 volumes

Helsing - 6 volumes

Junk Force - 3 volumes

Kashimashi - 5 volumes

Kingdom Hearts - 7 volumes (KH, COM, and KHII) (claimed by RobGronkowski’sPartyBusDriver)


Knights - 1 volume (this one was interesting but I never saw any more released)

Kujibi Unbalance - 2 volumes (the show within a show from Genshiken)

Haruhi - 3 volumes

Naruto - 41 volumes (I am missing 41-44, but have 45. not sure where they are)

Negima - 22 volumes

Princess Resurrection - 4 volumes (this is the one also known as Monster Princess)


Pretear - 4 volumes

One Piece - 9 volumes

Ral Grad - 4 volumes

Rave Master - 33 volumes (I have 30 on the manga shelf and a omnibus of the last...three? so I guess really 31 volumes. not sure if I’m selling this one yet)


Rozen Maiden - 7

Samurai Champloo - 2

Sayanora Zetsubou Sensei - 3

Those Who Hunt Elves - 7 (they stopped releasing it here because it was getting rough to censor it, I hear) (called by Omar)


Trigun - 16 volumes (that’s two large volumes and 14 small ones, all the same series though)

Venus Versus Virus - 4 volumes

Yggdrasil - 2 volumes


I didn’t include my CLAMP manga since I’m pretty sure I’m keeping those at least. I’ll have to come back later with the list of anime I have. I have no idea what I’m wanting as far as price, is five bucks a volume with % discounts for bulk reasonable? Let me know what you guys think.


Kinja having problems? E-mail me: JosephEnglish1010@gmail.com, or find me on Steam as Prinny Joseph

UPDATE: I am currently in the process of getting my Paypal account set up to accept payments, this requires getting my online banking set up since I have never used it before in the past. This may take a few days. Once it is ready, I will let everyone who had interest in making purchases know, so please contact me by e-mail if you have not already. We will discuss shipping (I will probably use UPS, prefer to require signature upon receipt), and once payment is received I will ship out and e-mail the tracking information. I will do everything I can to make this process easy.

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