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The Great Zelda Paraglider Challenge

Think you’re pretty handy with a gust of wind and paraglider? Prove it.

Since much of the gaming world is currently climbing and gliding their way across Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, it seems like the perfect opportunity for a bit of competition. At the top of the Ridgeland tower (to the west of Hyrule Castle) you’ll find a fellow who offers to chart your glide distance for scientific research... and 20 rupees. The contest is simple: Who can fly the furtherest off Ridgeland Tower?


Currently my best is...

I’ll give 100 TAY Bucks* to who ever can top that score. Make sure you snap a picture and post it in the comments for proof. Happy gliding!

*TAY Bucks are not real money and cannot be used to purchase anything of value. They are only good for purchasing TAY Gold Membership and making it rain.


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