Sometimes, the true heroes are the ones who aren’t front and center; instead, they are the silent saviors. That hero is Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi, the greatest DigiDestined to ever receive a digivice. Don’t be fool by any of the other “greatest DigiDestined” posts, and I’m about to tell you why.

Before we get into all of his feats, let’s start with his humble origin. Izzy lost his parents in a car accident, and was later adopted by a distant relative of Izzy’s father, and his wife. On a sleepless night, Izzy stumbles onto the truth that he was adopted. He didn’t make a big fuss about it, but it still shocked him. As a result, he started focusing on working with computers, and it gave him a great sense of humility.

Fast forward, Izzy receives his digivice, and is chosen for the crest of Knowledge. As we all know, knowledge is power, and Izzy has a whole lot of it unlike the rest of the team despite being the second youngest member. In fact, none of them would have fully understood what Digimon are and where they actually were if Izzy hadn’t explain to them that they are all the programs alive inside a digital world. And to one up his discovery, he even realized that during the first half of season 1, their real bodies aren’t even in the digital world.

Even though Izzy had some setbacks such as losing his curiosity to Vademon, it never stopped him from overcoming a docile mind, and he fought back for his curiosity. While Tai was chilling in the real world, even in his poor state, he was the only one alerting Tai, and pushing him to go back to the Digital World.


During the chase after Myotismon to the real world, it was Izzy who figured out the puzzle and how to open the gate, like a wizard. With Myotismon’s minions kidnapping people in the real world, Izzy set up a barrier to protect his parents. How to stop Myotismon? Izzy cracked the prophecy, and provided the instructions on how to turn Augmon and Gabumon into their mega form.

Despite all of the chaos, he handle his parents’ confusion that Izzy is adopted like a man, and apologized for being a bit distant.


In “Our War Game!”, the first Digidestined on the case is Izzy. Where was the rest of the team? Being consumed in their own lives! That’s where. Despite Diaboromon wrecking havoc all over the net, Izzy was able to keep up (while being flooded with emails) and track Diaboromon’s movement. While everyone saw the battle between Omnimon and Diaboromon, no one knew it was Izzy who figured out how to slow Diaboromon in time by rerouting all the emails to it. Thus Diaboromon was defeated, stopping a nuke from blowing up all of Japan, with Tai and Matt stealing the glory. Izzy didn’t complain one bit.


Going into season 2, Izzy is the only one keeping in touch with Gennai to keep current with the Digiworld.

Izzy is the one to figure out how the D-3 and D-Terminal works. He’s the one who understood and explained DNA Digivolution before anyone knew what was going on. He’s the one to materialize Gennai into the real world, so he can deliver Azulongmon’s power to allow the second gen Digidestined’s digimon to evolve to their highest form. In fact, most of season 2 was Izzy explaining everything to all the other DigiDestined, from how their new Digivice worked to theories, as well as guiding them every step of the way.


Finally, when Diaboromon returned and began his attack in the real world, Izzy is the one responsible for figuring out Diaboromon’s plan, and gathers the rest of the Digidestined (slackers) to defeat Diaboromon once more.

In a world made of digital information, armed with all sorts of programming skills and computer knowledge, as well as a computer, Izzy is the Gandalf of the Digiworld.


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