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The Greatest DigiDestined is You

Original photography from Alex Baker Photography. Editing by yours truly.

Over a year ago TAY, in an act of insanity and introspection, couldn’t decide who the greatest DigiDestined was. I’m here, a year later, to tell you that every single one of you was wrong.

The only correct answer is YOU. You have all of the qualities that make a great DigiDestined. You are more than the Courage and Sincerity of Tai and Mimi. More than the Friendship or Knowledge or Reliability or Love than Matt, Izzy, Joe, and Sora have. You even have more Hope and Light (Or in some cases Darkness) than T.K. or Kari could wish to have. And you definitely have more than whatever the fuck Ash Ketchum and Sinbad had.


You have so many great qualities at your disposal even if sometimes it’s hard to see. Whether or not you’ve played a Digimon game is irrelevant. You still have and are all those things.

You are the greatest DigiDestined.

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