Alright, so the guys at Nintendo Minute, Kit and Krysta, just published a hands-on preview of the upcoming DLC for Mario Kart 8. In this 13 minute video they raced through three of the eight new courses that will launch next Thursday. Interestingly enough they also gave us a sneak peek of what the other 5 courses names are going to be!

First is the Egg Cup, one thing I noticed is, that they are mixing up one of retro course amongst three new courses. Yoshi Circuit is making a comeback from the GCN and alongside with it comes the interesting ExciteBike Arena that was announced last week. ExciteBike Arena has this certain resemblance to the infamous dirt track, Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64, but this track is way more simple in the twists and turns.

Rejoice F-Zero fans! Kit & Krysta also raced through Mute City, and the course itself it's pretty gimmicky, but in a good way! First of all there are no coins to collect in the course, instead you fill up your coin bank by hitting the recovery strips distributed along the track. The course is a full anti-gravity course, which makes sense considering all the F-Zero machines come equipped with G-Diffuser systems, and last but not least, boost strips, boost strips everywhere!


Finally the guys raced through Hyrule Circuit from the Triforce Cup, and although is not as gimmicky as Mute City, there are many small details that set this course apart from your standard MK affair. Rupees replace the coins in this course, and of course the sound effect when you collect one is the same as the one used in The Legend of Zelda series, if I recall correctly it is the same sound effect used in The Wind Waker.


Enemies from the series roam the circuit, from the annoying Kessee to the Deku Babas on either side of the course, trying to take a bite out of the drivers that get too close to them. Last but not least, there's another interesting sound bite related to this course, and that one comes from the item roulette, instead of traditional MK roulelette sound we get a variation of the Treasure Chest Open fanfare that all Zelda Fans are familiar with.

Regarding the other four courses, there's not much information regarding them, but we have the names for each one of them. From Egg Cup there's Dragon Driftaway, which is an original track. And From the Triforce Cup we get Wario's Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wi , from Super Mario Kart, everyone's favorite Rainbow Road, and also original to this DLC, Ice Ice Outpost.


Anyway, that's all I could gather from this preview from the latest Nintendo Minute, be sure to sound off in the comments section and talk about your impressions from the three courses previewed!