I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I often forget about just how much I LOVED Hotline Miami when it came out. When I think of indie game rec’s of the last several years I often accidentally leave it off the list, even though it so deserves to be there.

It’s been on my mind recently after watching Stranger Things 3 - the 80s vibes in the music brought it back into my thoughts. I’ve started listening to the soundtrack again to remember just how incredible a game it is - and goddamn what a soundtrack. From trippy psychedelic freakouts to 80s synth pop to trance-y meditation, it’s all over the place but still manages to flow and come together, much like the game.

Some of the individual tracks are so good, which makes sense since they feature legit musical artists who make non-game albums, that I’ve used them in mixes and playlists for friends. Perturbator in particular I’ve used a few times on playlists with no other game music. It also really has a Stranger Things feel to it.


If you haven’t played Hotline Miami you really gotta check it out. It’s a trip and a fantastically designed game. The music and audio design will stick with you for a while. Oddly enough I still haven’t played the sequel (though I own it on Steam, somehow? Who knows, probably a Humble Bundle). I should really get around to that.

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