Or, the "I want my mummy" picture thread.

The baby got me up early, and she's finally asleep. But now I'm completely awake. So much for sleeping in on a Saturday.

The Sunken Temple of Qarn - Hard Mode sure is fun. The final boss turns you into a mummy if you're hit too many times.

I derped and ended up looking for brains.


Shiva's Diamond Dust is perhaps the coolest attack in the game. She twirls around the field and then snaps her fingers.

Freezing everyone and everything solid in ice. The music fades out and everything turns eerily quiet.


She then clacks her heel down and everything shatters. Pretty awesome music kicks in and the fight gets intense. But, oh man, those heels. Love it.


I ran The Messiah's character through a couple dungeons tonight (last night really) to get his Arcanist to level 30 and snagged this nice shot.

Turns out his Conjurer needed to be leveled to 15 to unlock Scholar, so I ended up distracting monsters while he threw rocks at them. I gotta say, his Miqo'te is pretty cute. Don't worry, Little Sparrowe, I like yours too!