I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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This is very late one :P but i bought PS4 recently only and enjoyed this game much , so wanted to put a short review...

The Last of Us... - 9.5/10

Another masterpiece by NaughtyDog.. the one dev which we can rely on, in their every release.. I enjoyed this 20hrs game right from start.. Still thinking about the characters and the game after finishing..



1. The graphics, detail and atmosphere.. Perfect in every manner, the world creates a post apocalyptic sense which I think the world will look like if apocalypse happens for real. Each level with a different setting that will take us through this wonderful journey.

2. The gameplay - very realistic and smooth animations. Each combat encounter feels real, every gunshot felt real for me. The scavenging and crafting system is top notch. Instead of just treating every encounter as hit and run, i carefully explored the areas, collected supplies and planned my approach.. very little linear narrative games gives this sandbox feel.

3. Story and characters - Ellie is by far my most adorable character in any video game. I gradually fell in love with her while playing the game. The game mirrors us to joel .As joel changes his attitude to ellie, we also do.. I still remember the part where she tries to whistle, gives me a smile every time :). All the other characters also, even though all have a short appearance, makes an impact..


4. AI - I got to say this is a big plus. The walking patterns, reaction types everything changed time to time. You couldnt just fast sneak by their side and silent kill like any other stealth game. if 2 enemies are together you cant just melee-stealth kill one and do a cool walk back.

5.Sound - The sound detail is as perfect as graphics detail. The music is also soo soothing and awesome for the setting. Must play with headphones.



1. The story was very straight, could have had some more twists.. and obviously game could have been longer :)


2. The last few levels and the final level weren't as grand as the first half.

3. Could have had more use of the environment, like using lights, setting traps, etc..


3. This is not a con, but i would have loved the option to switch between joel and ellie for each encounter.. so that we can even more execute our plan perfectly.

Overall this is a must play for any gamer, a very emotional, thrilling game filled with memorable characters that we all will love..


I have disliked one thing with naughty dog with the uncharted series, the games feel more like a movie than a game. IMO a game should give us the experience that can't be got by seeing a movie. I am glad that this game really gives that experience :)

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