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The Latest 3DS StreetPass DLC Review: AKA Nintendo Give Us Our R.P.Mii

Last November I explored the intriguing idea of a Mii themed RPG. And a few weeks ago Nintendo released a DLC update for the 3DS Mii StreetPass Plaza that added a couple more games. After a few rounds with each of the new games I haven’t been more convinced that Nintendo NEEDS to make a Mii RPG happen.

First let’s talk about the new StreetPass DLC: It’s fun. Both games add even more substantial gameplay to StreetPass. The dialogue is fun and clever in both games. I think that the developers Nintendo chose did a great job adding to the StreetPass experience. For those of you who enjoy StreePass and lucky enough to get regular StreetPasses, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. They are just meaty enough and pricing is just right, so it feels worth it.


Ultimate Angler

Ultimate Angler is a near fully realized fishing game, in a cute, bite-sized package. The opening cut-scene is hilarious and engaging, and while I haven’t gotten nearly as far as I’d like, it seems like something that has enough to collect that I’ll be returning whenever I get a visiting Mii. Along with the fishing you have a fish tank to decorate, similar in the way you can have gardens in Flower Town. Really an all around a solid endeavor.

Fig. 1: A Scene I have yet to experience because I live in the middle of nowhere.


Every Mii you StreetPass with will give you a piece of bait to add to your tackle box, and will assist you if you happen to come across ‘The Big One’. The variety of bait and fish is so great that, again, collectors will really enjoy the amount of gameplay made available in this seemingly smaller title. I couldn’t make out any huge issues I had with the game and it seemed like most any other Nintendo game, fun and polished.

Battleground Z

Battleground Z is my favorite of the two, adding button mashing beat-em-up style fun with a cutesy Zombie theme. This StreetPass game is the most ambitious of every Streetpass title yet. Instead of the usual choosing actions from menu options you are in direct control of your Mii. StreetPassing will give you survivors that swap weapons with you in the game, and boy are those weapons interesting. You won’t find anything conventional here, instead you’ll be fighting with Wii Remotes, Robot dogs, and various other crazy things you might find laying around.


Fig. 2: A chaotic crossroads, Miis and zombies do battle.

Different zombie types and different mission styles means there is also a surprising amount of depth to the gameplay. This is the basis for my assertion that NINTENDO NEEDS TO MAKE A MII RPG HAPPEN! I mean even if it was a budget title like Captain Toad or Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It doesn’t need to be rocket science! Make it happen Nintendo!


Nintendo, Make a Mii-Centric RPG!

Mii’s haven’t gotten nearly enough love as they deserve. Really if you took all the parts of the each StreetPass game and mashed them together, you’d have a pretty decent RPG. So, in Nintendo’s infinite... wisdom/stupidity, why don’t we have a full fledged one yet!? My old Mii RPG ideas still stand mostly:

Miis choose a fighting style, similar to Smash: Archer, Fighter, Swordsman. Maybe add Heals and Rogue for good measure.


⁃Update: Also add Mages. Heck Add some crazy classes, Miis are best when they get weird.

Wuhu Island is the hub world, and Miis enter other worlds via an ancient portal.


⁃Update: Nix the ancient portals. Just World Portals that are hidden though out the island a la Banjo Kazooie hub world.

•Miis collect outfits and hats from Nintendo franchises to modify their Miis fighting style (Become a fighting priest class by adding Little Mac’s gloves! Put on Mario’s gloves to add fire to any weapon!)


⁃Update: Unlock special items with Amiibo! +MAGIC with Zelda’s Brooch

•Miis meet minor characters from other games and complete side-quests for them. (Help the Luminoth on Aether!)


⁃Update: My point still stands. Sidequests will make or break this game world.

•Obvs classic RPG fighting; Villains and enemies from other games.

⁃Update: After playing Battleground Z, I’m really feeling the real time combat in that game, so I think maybe going in that direction wouldn’t be so bad, just be sure to maintain deep RPG elements.


•Story might revolve around other game heroes kidnapped and Miis need to save them (think Subspace Emissary from Brawl).

⁃Update: I hold firm on this, but Nintendo will either need to come up with a really memorable villain or bring in the Master Hand from Smash Bros.


•Add Amiibo support: Take your Mii to adventure on a friend’s console!

⁃Update: I think this sort of support is still a good idea, but I think adding Amiibo support to transfer Data to Miis from the 3DS Streetpass Plaza would be a fun touch. Additionally, have a free companion 3DS application so we can share, battle, and travel with our adventuring Miis.


•Monstrously beautiful and big on Wii U

⁃Update: Still yes, I mean. It doesn’t have to be the most beautiful game on the Wii U, but as long as it has that Nintendo Polish we expect how bad can it be?



I feel like it needs to be mentioned as a side-note:There are two more slots on the Mii Streetpass Plaza game screen. I feel like we can expect another two games sometime, but probably not for a while.

Let TAY or the Author know what you think! Do you think Mii’s deserve a game of their own? Or should they stay in their usual role as in game onlookers. What are your opinions of the new Streetpass games? Start a conversation in the comment section below!

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