I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

The Lateyard Shift

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Welcome to the Graveyard shift! Tis prolly a bit late, but please, don't hate~

So, how's everyone doing? Hopefully, better than I am ^^; On a family trip at the moment, and I'm enjoying shitty as fuck internet. So, to pass the time, I've been revisiting Fire Emblem. I'm currently confronted with the infamous matchmaking game once more, and it's kinda tough trying to mix things up after my first playthrough. It's just . . . How do you pry apart the couple from your first game, and just pretend that it's different, you know? Fighting alongside with someone changes things. And those bonds are seldom broken easily. And thus, topic of the night.


When playing a game all over again after a while of not touching it, how much do you usually mix things up? Or how often do you leave your comfort zone.

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