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Arcanine's Arrival! Pokemon One a Day!

The Legendary Pokemon. Wait what? Forreal!? Legendary? Damn.

Fire Type

Okay, I just gotta get this outta the way. Arcanine is the legendary Pokemon? How badass is that!? The dex refers to this beast a title befitting the strongest and most revered creatures. How can I not attempt to honor such status? Arcanine is a fan-favorite, and stands as a foil to Ninetales. I did it big with Ninetales and wanted to try something special for Arcanine as well. Where I went with an Eastern painting style for Ninetales, I've depicted Arcanine in an Eastern statuesque portrait.


When you see Arcanine (and Growlithe) you think of both feline and canine, although the mon leans towards the latter. I immediately searched "lion dogs", knowing full well the stylistic statues in the East would be perfect homage to this Pokemon. Well, imagine my surprise when Arcanine is actually based off of the damn thing before a minute into research. Just shows that I gotta knack for these things, I guess *flex* No? Oh. Okay.

So, there are a number of stylistic statues that depict these ambiguous creatures, some lions, other dogs, others altogether new and unique mythological beasts. I looked up the Shisa, Pinyin, and Komainu, and Haetae. Turns out these statues are first found in India (represent!!!) at temples built by King Ashoka, and brought over. There are cool stories about how two statues placed at entrances of homes and temples feature a guardian with its mouth open and closed. This represents the two sounds that make up the word "AUM" (less of a word and more of an empowering sound) to guide good spirits in and keep them there, and to chase out evil spirits and keep them out.

So yeah, from there, I worked on fleshing out this statue, deciding to give it color rather than making it bronzed or marble in appearance, to make sure that fans and the audience would realize it was Arcanine at first glance. The overall style is a bit ambiguous but leans more towards a lion - I enjoy the look even though I kind of wish I made it more canine. However, it is a bit difficult to do trying to represent the traditional statue look (although this work is an amalgamation of features both unique to and separate from the statues I mentioned earlier) with Arcanine's features.


This is one of the most extensively researched and illustrated works I've done thus far. It was a lot of fun to do, and required a lot of patience and concentration. It was especially tough to do (and why today's art is posted so late) because all throughout the day I had to tend to some extra work that got in the way of time I dedicate to this series. My younger brother and sister are leaving me here in Florida to move back home to NY for a school semester. Lucky! So yeah, excuse the tardiness and enjoy the work!


Thanks as always for viewing and reading my work - My effort of trying to release a new piece of art for this series is backed by my determination not to fail the challenge set at hand, and I'm glad to have all of you guys supporting me during this project. OP delivers! So long as its before 11:59 PM EST, I'm good! That said, I can finally relax now! Ladies and gents, enjoy your weekend and see you Monday with the next episode of Pokemon One a Day!



Dayum, Arcanine is so cool! *.* Always got his master's back

+ Pokemon One a Day is a series illustrated and curated by Bonny John in an effort to represent the the first generation of characters from the world wide phenomenon that is known as Pokemon. The idea is simple - to draw and share one new Pokemon a day (weekends off!) until every Pokemon from the set is completed. This project is an exploration of fine art styles for learning and leisurely purposes.


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Oh yeah, here's my dog, cause why not with these two dog Pokemon making their way:

KODA!!! The Adorable Pokemon

Wait no, this is kinda scary looking. Is she a fox or a wolf!?


Okay this is much better. We're shaking on some sort of truce.


You promised you would stop pooping on the carpet if I sang you the Reba opening theme music before bed!!!

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