I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hello everyone! Welcome, welcome. Sorry I haven’t been around in months. But let’s talk about Miitomo.


So, turns out, Miitomo is a LOT of fun. I usually stay away from social networks, but I just can’t 18th this one. If you’d like a review, NotGoodForYou wrote a really good one. Go check it out. (I’d link it but, much like when I try to upload my pics, Ninja hates my phone/browser)


The one caveat about Miitomo, however, is friends. You want ‘em, need ‘em, got ta have ‘em. That’s where this post comes in.


I’m going to give my Twitter (since you need that or FB to get friends on Miitomo). Anyone who has Miitomo, follow me. Anyone who follows, I’ll follow back. Then we can read each other’s witty/honest/goofy/disturbing answers.

You can also leave your Twitter handle in the comments, so we can all friend each other.

Thanks to NGFY for the idea.

Twitter: @KingKagle

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