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We all know that Broforce is totally brimming with awesome bros that reference many bros and brodettes that have graced the film industry since the 1980's with the likes of Rambro and Brommando. However I feel like there were not enough bros to play around with, and there are several bros I feel that were left out of the game. As there is plenty to play around with in this game, I want to make some nominations toward future bros.


Bro J. MacReady

Media: The Thing

Weapon: Flamethrower

Melee: Axe

Special: Dynamite

A Kurt Russell character, considering the other actor bros have multiple characters and Kurt is left with Snake Broskin. Out of the other bro characters Russell has played which is either Bro. J. MacReady, Jack Broton or Broldier, Bro. J. offers the most to work with. Hell, even Van Damme got 2 characters...



Media: Cobra

Weapon: SMG – long range

Melee: Knife

Special: Penetrating Knife: Goes through multiple enemies.

Stallone’s version of Beverly Hills Cop. CoBro is a pretty bad ass cop. Crime is scum, or in this case terrorism, aliens and the devil.




Media: Riddick/Pitch Black etc.

Weapon: Dual knives - dash

Melee: Slash – no dash

Special: Pitch Black: One time use special; screen darkens, enemies can’t attack, one hit kills. Lasts for x amount of seconds. Less effective on bosses.


No Vin Diesel in this game!? I was saddened by the lack of any of his characters. That being said only Riddick or Triple xXx would really make the bro cut.


The TransBroter

Media: The Transporter

Weapon: Fists

Melee: Kick

Special: Car Dash – Limited charges; Car appears and goes through anything or anyone for X amount of distance. Car armor only has certain amount of effectiveness.


No Jason Statham either!? Ah well. For this character I was either leaning on The Transporter or Crank for the character. The Expendables would also have made a great choice. Chev Brolios or The Expendabro would both make excellent bros.


The Fifth Brolement

Media: The Fifth Element

Weapon: Fists

Melee: Fists

Special: ZF-1: Does everything the ZF-1 does in the movie. Each use of the special, changes depending on the charges left.

Another Brodette joins the game. Milla has been in plenty of films, but none have matched up to that of The Fifth Element. Luc Besson has created one bro used, as seen in Leon, The Brofessional, and has others that could be used like John Travolta’s character in From Paris With Love.



Mace Windbro

Media: Star Wars

Weapon: Lightsaber

Melee: Fist

Special: The Force: Works similar to that of Mr. AnderBro’s ability to deflect incoming projectiles. Can also be used to throw debris and explosives


Samual L. Jackson needs to be in this game. Why he isn’t I don’t know. As for choice of character, well no Brodi has yet to be seen so atleast we chose the most bad ass. Jules from Pulp Fiction would also have been a great choice for a character and would work well. Actually...


Jules Brofield

Media: Pulp Fiction

Weapon: Pistol

Melee: Knife

Special: The Briefcase – One time use, stuns all enemies on screen for x seconds. Less effective on bosses.


These are just some ideas for some Bros that should be in this crazy game. There are many more out there, and we have only looked into the film/tv media. There are plenty of bros lying in wait in the video game medium that are ripe for the use.


What bros would you love to see in the game? Any ideas on how to improve said bros already in the game? Show me your bros!

AlmightyDuke is an average bro from the Great Bro North. When he’s not grinding out the Magic or Street Fighter, he’s sharing the good vibes. Tweet him your bro ideas, @AlmightyDuke_NL .

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