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The Missing Bros of Broforce- Anime Bros.

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Welcome back to another edition of The Missing Bros of Broforce, I’m your host, The DukeBro. In previous articles, I brought up potential candidates from the film and video game mediums. Today we will be pointing out those bros from the realm of anime that would make excellent in-game bros and join the ranks of the Broforce.



Media: One Punch Man

Main: Incinerator Cannon

Melee: Axe Kick

Special: Brotama – After the inevitible loss of Brenos, Brotama comes in to save the day. When killed by enemy fire or explosive, the special will activate and summon Brotama to KO all enemies on screen and destroy any obstruction currently at your level on screen.


Out of all the One Punch Bro characters, I felt Brenos best suited the games play-style. Brotama being Brotama, he’d just be too BRO for the game to handle. Other One Punch Bro characters considered: Metal Bro, Bro Fang, Speed o’ Sound Bro


Bropachi of the Brotei 13

Media: Bleach

Main: Flash Step Slash – similar to Bronan’s but has a forward teleporting movement.


Melee: Punch

Special: Pressure Release – Bropachi takes off his eyepatch, immobilizing all enemies on screen with his immense spirit pressure.


Ichibro was the first character that came to mind, but after further thought, he just wasn’t bro enough. Bropachi on the other hand is just all about the fight. He is the poster boy for “Come at me, BRO!” Other characters considered: Kisuke Broahara, Brouichi, GrimmBro.


Brotaro Kubro and Bro Platinum

Media: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Main: Brotaro – Punch

BP– Bro Finger

Melee: Brotaro – Kick

BP – Punch

Special: Bro Platinum Activation – Actively switch between the use of Brotaro and Bro Platinum. Only Brotaro can advance the screen, but Bro Platinum can sustain several hits before death. Both are on screen at the same time and the switch will teleport the stand back to Brotaro.


BroBro’s Bizarre Adventure is a great series, and picking the right Bro from the Brostar family was difficult. Brotaro was the character I was most familiar with so I went with him and his Stand. Speaking of the Stand, Bro Platinum makes for a very unique style of game play. Got to tuck away Brotaro safely before engaging the enemy with Bro Platinum. Other characters considered: the rest of the Brostar family, Brolyne, Gybro.


Might Bro

Media: Naruto

Main: Flash Punch

Melee: Roundhouse

Special: Asa Brojaku – Might Bro flies into the air and punches the air with such force and ferocity that fire rains down from the sky upon the enemies below.


Like Bropachi, Might Bro epitomizes the “come at me, Bro!” aspect of Brohood, more so then any other ninja from Bronahagakure. Other characters considered: Brokashi, Broraya, and Broruto.


Natsu Dragonbro & Gray Fullbro

Media: Fairy Tail

Main: Natsu – Dragon’s Breath – A stream of fire from Natsu’s mouth.

Gray – Icicle Shot – An icicle that impales enemies on contact (Brochete)

Melee: Natsu – Dragon Punch

Gray – Ice Slide

Special: A Game of Fire and Ice: The two characters join forces and release a torrent of fire and ice in both directions. Enemies are first frozen by the icy blast, and then are exploded by raining balls of fire.


Like The Boondock Bros., these two work together on screen, but fire in different directions. Natsu’s main is short range, while Gray’s has a long range. This arrangement works out well I think as you gonna have to move backwards to go forwards! Other characters considered: Elfbro, Braxus, the broquivilent of Erza.


Vash the Brominoid Typhoon

Media: Trigun

Main: Revolver

Melee: Punch

Special: Wolfbro Assault – Vash calls upon his bro, Nicholas D. Wolfbro for assistance. He comes fully packed with a cross gun of bullets and rockets. He will target all enemies on screen and fire for an x amount of time or until all enemies are dead.


Vash is a pretty reliable bro. Although he doesn’t want to hurt people, he just leaves destruction in his wake, usually not caused by him, but caused by those trying to get him. Him and Wolfbro make a really great set of bros.



Media: Fist of the North Star

Main: Exploding Punch

Melee: Kick

Special: You’re Already Dead Bro: Broshiro disappears in a flash of light. All enemies on screen immediately explode into giblets. Broshiro doesn’t mess around. One time use special.


What can I say about Broshiro, that’s not already known. Hailing from Fist of the North Bro, he’s another of the best “come at me bro!” characters in the anime media.



Media: Dragon Ball

Main: Kamehameha

Melee: Punch

Special: Bro Bomb – He calls upon his fellow bros to lend him their bro energy. With the energy, he creates a gigantic ball of awesome, that is so full of bro, that enemies just can’t handle that much broing and explode on contact.


How could we not include Broku, who most of us grew up watching. He’s so bro that he fights for the fun of it. He doesn’t care who wins or loses as long as he gets a great fight. Unless you threaten his planet, because then you’re screwed.

Anime is ripe for the picking of bros from their ranks. There are a LOT of series I didn’t touch, mostly because I’m not familiar with them. I’ve mostly stuck to the mainstream or popular ones.


So I’m looking at you people from AniTAY, to help out and put up some suggestions for Bros I have overlooked. Next time, I look into a medium I’m more familiar with, comics! Marvel/DC/Image/Vertigo etc...

AlmightyDuke is an average bro from the Great Bro North. When he’s not grinding out the Magic or Street Fighter, he’s sharing the good vibes and good laughs. Tweet him your bro ideas, @AlmightyDuke_NL .

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