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Welcome to the last edition of The Missing Bros of Broforce! I’m your host, The DukeBro. In previous articles, I brought up potential candidates from the film, video game, and anime mediums. Today we will be pointing out those bros from the pages of Image, DC and Marvel that would make excellent in-game bros and join the ranks of the Broforce.



The Bro Lantern

Media: Green Lantern

Main: Ring Blast

Melee: Projected hammer

Special: Bro Lantern’s Might – The Bro Lantern summons his awesomeness to project a series of bombs that rain across the screen.


Hal Brodan was a military pilot that happened across a dying bro. This bro bequeathed his Bro Lantern ring to Hal to ensure safety to the Broniverse. The Lantern Corps don’t often talk about the Bro Corps, as they are to jealous of the mad parties they throw.



Media: Batman

Main: Batarang

Melee: Punch

Special: I Am the Night. - Full-screen flashbang. BatBro is no killer.

A boy who watched his parents killed right in front of him. Feeling that he wasn’t bro enough, he trained for years to become a bro that can protect his city. No other bro will suffer as he did.




Media: Lobo

Main: Shotgun

Melee: Chain Slash

Special: The Spacehog – LoBro summons his gnarly Spacehog to aid in his awesome journey. Works similar to the mech in the game. It’s faster, but doesn’t jump as high or is as damaging.


LoBro is the Broest Bro of the DC Universe. This the original, not the skinny wannabe that’s in the New 52. He’s a badass from head to toe.


The Bronisher

Media: The Punisher

Main: Assault Rifle

Melee: Knife Slash

Special: FrankenBro - A one time use special. When The Bronisher dies, he gets resurrected into a a massive undead behemoth with a Gatling gun! Totally not the worst thing that ever happened to him! >_>


The Bronisher is a man on a mission, to kill anyone who dares spit on the law. He knows loss, now his enemeis will know death.


The Brolverine

Media: X-Men

Main: Dash Slash

Melee: Claw Slash

Special: Broserker Rage - The Brolverine goes into an extreme case of Bro Rage and goes nuts, with increased speed and distance on his slashes.


James “Brogan” Howlett was a mutant born in the late 1800's but was so much of a bro that he lived on for centuries. Known as Weapon Bro, he was experimented on to create a bio-organic weapon to be used for whatever the government wanted. He escaped and later joined the X-Bros.



Media: Deadpool

Main: Dual SMGs

Melee: Katana Slash

Special: You Do It! – Bropool doesn’t want to use his special! He wants you to use it. He tosses his weapon toward the screen, and allows you to fire at enemies on screen using crosshairs for x-amount of time.


A reject of the Weapon Bro program, Bropool uses his skills of death and mayhem to be a merc for hire while moonlighting as good guy. That is, if the voices in his head say so.


The Broness

Media: The Darkness

Main: Lance Arm

Melee: Sword Arm

Special: Darkling Bros -The Broness summons his little Darkling Bros to swarm the enemy. They work like the dogs you fight in the game.


A hitman for the mob, the would be host to The Broness accepted his new powers with joy. With a ruthless streak a mile long, he killed his way to the top of the mob.



Media: WitchBlade

Main: Sword Slash

Melee: Punch

Special: Pinwheel of Death!

The BroBlade, a gauntlet passed down from one woman to another, every generation. An artifact of immense broness



The Walking Bro

Media: The Walking Dead

Main: Revolver

Melee: Screwdriver

Special: Zombie Bropocalypse– The Waking Bro unleases the herd on his enemies. Every enemies who dies just joins the ever growing army. While this special is active, should The Walking Bro die, he joins the army and fights along side the new bro.


Rick Grimes is a determined bro. Zombie apocalypse, missing hand, half blind son. All that shit, has yet to dull his zombie killing prowess.

There are so many bros in the comic unverse. I tried to limit to 3 characters per company to make it fair.


So ends my series of articles regarding those bros that have gone unnoticed in the world of Broforce. May you rain hell upon the terroists and free the World from tyranny

AlmightyDuke is an average bro from the Great Bro North. When he’s not grinding out the Magic or Street Fighter, he’s sharing the good vibes and good laughs. Tweet him your bro ideas, @AlmightyDuke_NL .

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