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Alright bros and brodettes, The DukeBro is back with another list of nominations for the Devolver Digital game, Broforce. The previous article took the original method of choice for the game, the movie and TV industry. This time we look at what if they started taking characters from other video games, and give them the Broforce treatment. For as we know, Bros do not care for licensing issues.


*insert gravely voice*

Gears of Broar

Media: Gears of War

Main: Lancer

Melee: Chainsaw

Special: The Hammer of Dawn – Limited charges. A beam of destructive light comes down from the sky, frying anyone and destroying all obstacles in its path. Goes from character to X amount of distance forward.


We will start off with the most obvious group of bros to grace the video game media in several years. Marcus Fenix, and his rag tag group of COG soldier; Dom, Baird, and Cole are the true epitome of Brohood in video games. The Bromance is strong! Now with this character, each time he appears he can appear as any of the bros. For they are all equally bro!


Master Bro!

Media: Halo

Main: Battle Rifle

Melee: Plasma Sword Slice

Special: ODSB! - Orbital Drop Shock Bros! - Master Bro calls upon his fellow bros to help him in battle. Several pods drop from orbit killing enemies on impact. The bros then aid in battle until death.

Master Bro is the bro we can all trust in to save the world from the alien infestation known as the flood. the Brovenent is also an issue but that’s only cause the Brophets are idiots.



Big Bro

Media: Metal Gear

Main: Pistol

Melee: Knife; Special Throw: chokehold

Special: Metal Gear Bro – Summons a gigantic mech, that crushes all in it’s path. Works like the mechs currently in game, but extremely more destructive. Complete with missles, gattling gun and laser cannon.


Our stealthiest bro who sneaks through the shadows until the objective is met. That or he summons a giant mech and wrecks the place. PFFT! Who needs stealth?


The Super Broio Bros.

Media: Super Mario Bros.

Main: Super Jump – They jump on their enemies! Duh!

Melee: Hammer Swing

Special: Fire Flower: Replaces their super jump with fireballs that shoot in both directions and explode on contact. Lasts x second!


Our resident Brodette, Z, brought these guys up in the comments of the previous article. So of course they had to be included! They are the original bros of video games.


Chris Brofield

Media: Resident Evil

Main: Shotgun

Melee: Knife

Special: Boulder Punch: summons a giant boulder which he then punches forward with extreme force. Because there are bro moments and then there are BRO! moments. This falls into the latter category.

Chris Brofield is one of this characters that grew into a bro. His original lanky self, while a great guy, was definitely no bro. That all changed when Resident Evil 5 came out and he grew cantaloupes in his biceps. Now the living dead are not his only targets with those arms of his.



The Bro of War

Media: God of War

Special: Blades of Chaos: Works like Indiana Brones’s whip, but it’s more pointy and stabby.


Melee: Blade Slash

Special: Blade of Brolympus: The Bro of War calls upon the gods of Brolympus and summons the sword. Changes his moveset for the duration of the special. Main becomes a sword dash similar to Brade’s special, and melee becomes similar to Bronan’s main but with greater range.


The bro who dare challenged the gods of Brolympus. He has fought and killed many of them including Brocules, Broseidon, Brades, and even the titan, Bronos!


Brommander Shepard

Media: Mass Effect

Main: Assault Rifle

Melee: Omni-Blade

Special: Indoctrination – Spikes rise from the ground impaling enemies in your immediate vicinty. Those enemies become your allies and attack the enemy.


Brommander Shepard is a spectre for the Citadel Council. A council of allied alien bros that do their best to ensure the safety of bro space. Then all of a sudden these bros called Reapers were like “BRO! We gonna rough you up!” and the Brommander was all like “Come at us Bro!”


Bro of Duty

Media: Call of Duty

Main: Assault Rifle

Melee: Knife

Special: Juggernaut – Equips a suit of armor that acts as a damage buffer while also granting access to a minigun.


Trying to choose the right bro to choose for this was difficult. As there are so many bros to choose from in this long series. I decided that the character should be modeled after either Captain Price of Soap. As you wouldn’t want to screw with either of these bros.


The Legend of Bro

Media: Legend of Zelda

Main: Sword Slash - full health slash

Melee: Sword slash - normal swing

Special: Song of Storms – Blows the brocarina and summons a lightning storm that hits randomly. Multiple charges.


The mute bro is back and ready to bring the fantasy violence to the terrorist scum. No one stands between this bro and the princess.


Bromus Aran

Media: Metroid

Main: Energy Cannon -can charge for greater effect and penetration

Melee: Energy Whip

Special: OverCharge - Unleashes the full power of the energy cannon and lays waste to all that stands before her.


The go to female badass in video games. This bounty hunter goes to no end to hunt down her prey.

Opening the game to more than just movies and TV, would just add a plethora of bros to choose from. These bros only serve as a sampler platter to what could be possible from the realm of video games.


Alright what video game bros did I leave out that require notice? Design your own bros, I want to hear about them! Next time, we move to the world of anime and the many bros that Japan has produced over the years.

AlmightyDuke is an average bro from the Great Bro North. When he’s not grinding out the Magic or Street Fighter, he’s sharing the good vibes and good laughs. Tweet him your bro ideas, @AlmightyDuke_NL .

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