I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

You know that feeling when a game has a truly special and utterly awesome moment? When you feel like you're unstoppable, when the game plays so nicely and there's no way you're gonna die. No matter if it's a bad game or a good game, this moment tops everything.

Spoiler alert for the video to anyone who hasn't played Saints Row: The Third yet!


There are many awesome moments I've experienced in my life, most of them tied to the music. My most recent one is from Saints Row: The Third where you're given a choice to either save your friend or get the big villain. This is quite emotional on its own right, but the music makes this a truly awesome moment.

The game uses quite a few songs that were sort-of under the radar, but the game made them famous over night. Power by Kayne West is the most well-known one, and the album I Choose Noise by Hybrid got its fair share of exposure as well. But Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler tops everything, because it is a no-brainer and fits 100% to this scene.

What are your awesome moments in a game you still remember to this day?

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