I'm really feeling it!

The Monday community calendar; The TAYlendar. Read on if your boss not looking....

Hey there, and good morning! Well as we all might know Gen Con 2013 came and gone, our overlord GBD had a fabulous times. Totally making no one gelatinous or anything.... Also San Japan in San Antonio also wrapped up, and hopefully our fellow(s) TAYers will have some nice story to share.


This week!

GamesCon get on its way in Cologne, Ger on the 21th. So maybe we'll hear from some Euro members who are lucky to attend.

Also Fan Expo Canada on the 22th, so to our friends in the North, have fun!

Well this concludes the TAYlendar blip, but there is more! So feel free to have a look, and add events that may be upcoming in the future.


Have a nice day!

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