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The Other Monster Hunting Game That Sony Forgot

Leveling up. Going on quests with friends. Engrossing RPG mechanics. Fun grinding for gears and materials. A lengthy campaign. Oozing with charm. A solid rhythmic gameplay. Yes, I'm talking about Patapon.

One of the biggest surprises of this generation is that there have been no Patapon games or even Locoroco games for the Vita. Going back to the PSP era, Patapon was one of my first games for the system and it was the one that made the system "click" with me, more so than Crisis Core or God of War. It then baffles me to see that no Patapon game or something in the same vein has been announced or released for Sony's struggling Vita.


Patapon, for me, is the most fun "monster hunting" game. The mix of rhythm, RPG, and hunting elements was nigh perfect and always left me craving for better gear and better Patapons. The mini-games used to grind for materials held up on their own and the new mechanics introduced in Patapon 3 really helped change things up and deepen the experience. It may not be as long or extensive as Monster Hunter but every moment is as rewarding nonetheless.

Given Patapon's creativity and its strong gameplay, Patapon could have been Sony's strongest answer to Monster Hunter. It is familiar to a degree but fundamentally different. It isn't a "2D Monster Hunter clone with rhythm elements" it simply is Patapon. With a stronger multiplayer suite, it could have been Sony's own "Pokemon".

Whatever happened to the Patapons, their drum lives on, ever beating in this hopeful gamer's heart, waiting for a Hatapon to pick it up.

*Original title was "The Monster Hunter Killer That Sony Forgot". That title was too clickbaity though so I opted for a more toned-down title and one that is more accurate to the article's content

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