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The Most American Game Ever... Was A Japan Exclusive

Ever played a game where you control the President of the United States? You may have. But how about a game where he pilots a fully loaded mech to take back the USA... from the Vice President.

In honor of the 4th of July I feel everyone needs a quick history lesson on the game known simply as Metal Wolf Chaos. Released at the end of 2004 MWC was an original Xbox exclusive that, despite having full english voice acting, never made it to the States. Even though US Xbox owners never had a chance to play it the game has gained a solid cult following due to its over the top action and hilariously phrased script.


As mentioned above, the game focuses on President Michael Wilson (relative of Woodrow Wilson) who must fight a most devious enemy - Richard Hawk. Hawk is the Vice President and decides to usurp the presidency. The best way to fight back against Hawk's military presence is obvious to the president - strap into your mech. So this is what Wilson does.

The game has Wilson escaping from the White House and flying across the country to battle the rebels in various states across his great land. In the end *SPOILERS* he brawls with Hawk in space (That's right I said space) and saves the United States from nuclear destruction.

So, as you celebrate the 4th today (assuming you're from the USA) be sure to shout, "SUCK ON MY MISSILE PUNCH!" as loud as you possibly can at anyone and everyone who will listen. If you find yourself grilling out it is also advised to tell people to eat your "flame of justice!" We can only hope Metal Wolf Chaos gets a Xbox One sequel.

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