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It’s no secret that Parasite Eve is my favorite game ever made, and there are plenty of reasons for giving it that crown of honor. The engaging take on the ATB combat of Final Fantasy, the intriguing story with it’s enjoyable characters, and on, and on I could go. Parasite Eve is a truly unique experience, and this holds especially true for it’s utterly fantastic OST.


The music of Parasite Eve was composed by Yoko Shimomura, who has since gone on to score games such as the Kingdom Hearts and Mario and Luigi series. She took inspiration from opera music for many pieces within the game due to the usage of the setting within the game’s story.

However Opera doesn’t make great monster shooting music, so she took a opted for a different approach to combat themes. Going for a electronic style, which perfectly fits the mood of combat, eerie, yet attention nabbing.

The area theme’s also perfectly complement the strange happenings of the game. Take for instance going for a stroll through Central Park. You head there on the night of a concert on rumor that the villain Eve is up to no good. The park is a quiet, moody place, where the mystery and intrigue of the story really start to grab the player’s attention, and “Missing Perspective” perfectly fits the mood.

So, we have opera music, and electronic music, how does that create a cohesive sound? That, is through the general tone of the music. Stoic, eerie, and mysterious. All of these permeate the music, and each piece is clearly recognizable as coming from this game. I mean where else can you get music like the final boss theme?

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