For the past few years I've been dirt broke. These thing happen to you when you're a college student surviving on grants. In the past year or so my fortune has turned around slightly and I'm in a position where I can afford to get games again. During college I'd get maybe, maybe one game a year, usually used. As such, I have ended up with a several page backlog of games I would love to own and play.

I've been doing a fairly good job of catching up to the past gen (which with the XBone and PS4 will actually turn into 2 past gens, but whatever). I'm nearly caught up with all the games from the past seven years or so that I've been wanting to play. And I've been doing a good job of getting these games for fairly good prices.

However some games are getting out of my reach again because their prices are too high. The reasons are varied, though mostly it has to do with games being out of print for several years. As being in my mid-twenties and being a gamer since early junior high, I've had the luxury of having the majority of games being released during my lifetime and having had access to purchasing these games. Many people have not

This is why it's so important for games to be rereleased or ported, yet time after time I always hear people complain when a game gets rereleased, especially with the release of new consoles. I would read comment after comment complaining about the port of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, or smirking about the idea of the upcoming KH Final Mix 1.5 game coming out later this year.

As an older gamer it's easy to forget that you were fortunate, privaledged even, to be around for the game's initial release. However, with gaming around for as long as it has now, it's also easy to forget that some games came out decades ago, but new gamers are brought into the hobby every day. A child not even born when the original Kingdom Hearts came out on the PS2 would be a ten year old today, just old enough to really appreciate what the game would have to offer. Ocarina of Time came out in 1998. Kids born in that year are starting to get their learner's permit.

Not to mention there are people like me. For one reason or another weren't into gaming or simply couldn't afford it. A lot of those people wished or dreamed to engage in the hobby that their friends shared and now that they are adults finally have the chance to join the ranks of the gamer, but soon discover the games they saw their friends playing are once again out of their reach.


Movies, books and music are constantly rereleased and reprinted. Nobody whines about the release of a DVD when they already had the VHS. And people who got first print copies of Lord of the Rings back in the late fifties don't huff and puff that the book is still being released today. Yet gamers believe that they should have the priviledge of having the one and only printing of a game. I've actually read a comment from someone whining when Atlus printed a second run of Radiant Historia when first print editions started going for 70 dollars of a 35 dollar game because the sealed copy they had somehow lost in value.

If games are to be truly considered artforms and not just disposible media, it is vital that they can be archived, and continuously redistributed so that valuable artwork is not lost to time. This is why ports and rereleases are so important.

So the next time you whine that the only game coming out for a new console is something you played years ago, remember that to someone else, that's a brand new game.